The Effectiveness of CCTV Security Systems in Reducing Crime


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems have been used in a big way to combat crimes all over the world. Many CCTV systems have been successful at minimizing some offenses such as property crime, deterring crimes in car parks and other public places, and also for making Citizens feel safe. CCTV systems can watch an average person for up to 300 times or more. This has helped to enhance the

Keys of Evaluating CCTV systems.

a) When the existence of cctv companies in dubai is of public knowledge, then the would-be criminals may e4n up leaving the target area and head to another place. When the existence of the CCTV cameras is however not known, the offenders might have nothing to fear and end up attacking a building or a home.

b) Caught in the act. When potential criminals fear of evidence on their criminal record being presented in court, they abandon the idea of doing illegal activities at a particular place.

c) Efficient deployment of law enhancing officers. samsung cctv camera improve the response of police officers to a crime scene even without a public member having to call them. CCTV operators can decide on how many police officers to send to an individual crime scene depending on the nature of the scene. The CCTV systems can also show what the offenders are doing before the arrival of the police.

d) Time for the crime. The efficiency of CCTV systems has increased such that even a crime that happens swiftly can be captured. This has helped to reduce the theft of cars in car packs in a huge way.

Although CCTV cameras seem to deter crime in public areas such s shopping malls, and car parks, the systems are not very efficient in combating violent crimes. Although the systems help in deploying security officers to violent sites quickly, the offenders might avoid the cameras by using sites that the CCTVs do not cover.  When alcohol is involved, the offenders might fail to consider the consequences of their acts, thus making CCTVs ineffective as a crime deterrent.

CCTV systems are efficient in increasing the public’s fear of the offense and also ensure those police officers are deployed immediately in case of a criminal incidence. The law enforcement body ought to conduct evaluations on CCTV surveillance periodically to make sure that there is a consistency of criminal record of data. Crime can also be well reduced when the CCTV operators are well trained and know when and how to deploy police officers to a crime scene immediately.


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